The Reason to buy sample packs

Let’s start with the basics.
What is a music sample? A music sample is a melody, a rhythm or a riff of short duration. These sounds were traditionally snippets of existing songs, mostly recordings from old and hard to find vinyls, used from producers as a basis and source of inspiration to start creating a track. 

As music production evolves, samples have evolved too. Today, a sample can be made and not just be found. Original compositions written by producers for producers to serve the exact same purpose.

A collection of samples forms what we call a sample pack. Most of the times, a sample pack contains samples with some things in common e.g. same style, same instrument. Apart from this, samples packs can contain instrument one-shots or presets.
So, why a producer uses samples to make a beat? From our point of view, just because he/she gets inspired by the sound and desires to create with it. It’s a fact that one-shots or simple chords can fill some equipment gabs but they are not enough to be called samples.

For us, every producer is the conductor of his own orchestra and his job is to benefit from the infinity of sound. Samples is one more source of sounds to dig in and create with, like everything else that inspire us.
Although, using samples is a taboo for many producers who find themselves trapped in moral dilemmas regarding the originality of their final creation or its uniqueness and eventually depriving themselves from a chance to produce.
As Albert Einstein said: “Creativity is contagious, pass it on”

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