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Why our Samples differ

Our sample packs are way out of the industry’s standards.
May every loop costs ~1$ but it is one in a million.
We challenge producers to use their skills and dig out the myth about sampling.

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Explore our collection of original sample packs and own genuine instrumental loops to create with. Work with high quality and inspirational samples with psychedelic vibe and distinctive sound. Every loop is recorded in real environments aiming deliver the real feel and texture of analogue sound. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Are the Samples Royalty-Free?

Yes, all the samples or loops are 100% Royalty-free.

Do I have publishing rights to release music made with your sample packs?

You have publishing rights to release music made with our samples via streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc.)

Can I register/sell with any label or company with your samples?

Of course you can but you are not allowed to resell or replicate the exact same loops or samples. You need to add your elements or edit in any form.

How to open .zip files on Mac / Windows?

In order to open .zip files please consider downloading 7-zip (Windows) and the Unarchiver (MacsOS) softwares for free.


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Every file is audio wav./aiff., stereo wavs. 32-bit flow, stereo aiffs. 16-bit (sample rate 41.000 KHz)
Drag & Drop, Labelled by BPM, Mpc-ready, 8bar+,Any D.A.W.
Our packs have the freedom of transformation. Still characteristic, fully customizable though.

We give quallity a space and we create out of space original samples for professional producers.

Finding worthy sounds is hard.

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-Any D.A.W. problems 

-Any Mixing or Mastering Tips

-Recomendations and inspiriration.

Create Masterpieces and trigger your imagination.

Meet the Experience Bundle Pack!

Numerous combinations, unlimited chopping and infinite creativity to discover inside. Made of pure inspiration.
Every loop is processed and designed for producers that have no limits in their workflow.

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Unique analog sounds and inspiring loops!



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Unlock Exlcusive Content along with your first buy!