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Meet the Psychedelic Guitars (VST3 / AU)

Key features:

-3 modes: Keyboard/ Chords/Phrases

-Multiple Built-in FXs

-Straightforward & Easy to use Interface

-High-End Audio

-Unique Algorithm

Available for Win/Mac/M1

  Stay busy creating with the Psychedelic Guitars!

Price: $99 $29

Psychedelic Guitars Facts

The Psychedelic Guitars is a VSTi (virtual instrument) guitar plugin made to provide unique sounds for all music-makers out there. Every sound included is a complex & distinct composition that gives you the opportunity to exploit the full potential of the guitar as an instrument. With 3 different sound modes to combine & choose from, you gain access to unlimited guitar sounds that have yet to be discovered. 

-Keyboard mode

 The Keyboard mode consists of tones, experimental & distorted sounds that map across 4 octaves of the keyboard (C1-C5)

-Chord mode

The Chord mode consists of chords, single notes & FX that combine with every sound from keyboard and phrase modes. It locks the 1st octave (C1-B1) of the keyboard.

 -Phrase mode:

 Every phrase sound has a different melody/groove at each octave. It is based on phrases recorded with a sophisticated way to give the advantage of unlimited & unpredictable combinations.

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Why Psychedelic Guitars?

Why Psychedelic Guitars?

The purpose of this plugin is not to imitate a common virtual guitar, but focus on the limitless creative side of it while offering the full spectrum of an electric guitar. There are countless plugins with perfect technical features, designs, and characteristics but most of them fail to fulfill their purpose as creative tools for today’s production needs. Psychedelic Guitars will keep you busy creating.

Psychedelic Guitars

Psychedelic Guitars vst plugin

Psychedelic Guitars



 $99 $29

Collectors Bundle Edition


 Psychedelic Guitars


 Beast D-lay

 Psy Amp – Vintage Amplifier

 WIN / MAC /M1


Windows System

Windows 10 or later

2GHz Pentium IV processor or equivalent

A host that supports  64-bit VST 3 plugins

Formats: VST3 / AU

You may run this in earlier versions but we do not support them.

macOS/M1 System

macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later

Intel or Apple Silicon M1 processor

A host application that supports 64-bit VST3 or AudioUnit plugins

Formats: AU, VST3

You may run this in earlier versions but we do not support them.

 D.A.W Tested:

Logic Pro

FL Studio

Cubase 10, 10.5.

Presonus Studio One 4.


Ableton Live 10.1 or later



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