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Meet the PSY-AMP Vintage Amplifier (VST3 / AU)

Key features:

-Original DSP

-All in one solution

-High-End Audio

-FX’s with deep settings and fully adjustable controls

-Straightforward & Easy to use Interface

Available for Win/Mac/M1

Maximize your skills with the new tool


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Psy-Amp is more than just a creative music production plugin. With its multiple utilities and unique sound, Psy-Amp empowers you to make exceptionally creative decisions and encourages you to develop your own shapes and tones purely based on instinct.

Furthermore, its vintage nature and thoughtful design will elevate your creative process, making it more productive compared to relying on AI tools.

Develop your Sound


Signature analog FX’s with deep settings for ultimate tone shaping.

Tube- Distortion  –Wah-Wah  – Pitch  Shifter – Flanger  -Vibrato – Delay – Reverb



Tone shaper of your signal or for a simulation of different response of the Amp.


Silencer with the adjustable Threshold.

Develop your Sound

Unlocking Sonic Creativity with Psy-Amp: A Comprehensive Overview Unleash Your Sound’s Potential with Psy-Amp’s Analog Magic Psy-Amp, renowned for its signature analog FX’s with deep settings, is your gateway to a world of sonic creativity and exploration. With its versatile features and customizable settings, this plugin empowers you to sculpt your sound like never before. A Palette of Analog Goodness:
  • Tube Distortion: Begin your sonic journey by achieving that classic tube-driven warmth and crunch that guitarists and producers crave.
  • Wah-Wah: Additionally, you can add expressive sweeps and funky quacks to your sound with the iconic wah-wah effect.
  • Pitch Shifter: Transcend traditional pitch limitations and experiment with unique sonic landscapes, giving you even more creative possibilities.
  • Flanger: Dive into swirling, otherworldly modulation, and, as a result, add a touch of ethereal magic to your music with the flanger effect.
  • Vibrato: Furthermore, explore the depths of sound by adding soulful wobbles and shimmering textures to your melodies and chords.
  • Delay: Create lush, spacious atmospheres and intricate rhythmic patterns with customizable delay settings, allowing for endless sonic exploration.
  • Reverb: Moreover, immerse your audio in rich, immersive spaces, from tight rooms to vast cathedrals, and enhance the depth of your sound.
  • Cab-IR: Capture the essence of various cabinet responses for authentic amplifier simulation, providing an expansive tonal palette.
  • Tone Sculpting at Your Fingertips: Crafting Your Sonic Signature Psy-Amp isn’t just an effects plugin; it’s a tone-shaping powerhouse. Whether you’re refining the sonic character of your signal or simulating different amp responses, Psy-Amp offers precise control and unparalleled flexibility. Silencing Unwanted Noise: Noise Control for Pristine Sound
  • Noise Gate: To maintain pristine audio quality, tame unwanted background noise with an adjustable threshold. Consequently, your signal remains clean and focused, allowing you to create without distractions.
  • The Future of Sound Design: Psy-Amp’s Aspiration From Plugin to Hardware Amp In a world where sonic possibilities are limitless, Psy-Amp stands as a beacon of analog authenticity and creative freedom. Whether you’re a guitarist, producer, or sound designer, this plugin offers a playground of sonic exploration. Unleash your creativity, sculpt your tones, and silence the noise with Psy-Amp.


    Why PSY-AMP?

    The Vision Behind Psy-Amp: Crafting Distinction

    The purpose behind Psy-Amp was not merely to create another plugin but to craft a masterpiece that would not only satisfy all of our needs but also distinguish itself from any existing models in the market.

    A Unique Sound Character: Shaping Sonic Identity

    This approach was pivotal in giving rise to a distinctive sound character that sets Psy-Amp apart. Moreover, it ignited innovative ideas that would revolutionize the design and usage of this remarkable plugin.

    From Concept to Reality: A Journey of Dedication

    After a tremendous amount of hard work and unwavering dedication, we managed to turn this ambitious project into a reality.

    The Human Touch in a Digital Age: Psy-Amp’s Mission

    In today’s world, where the latest AI technology tools offer quick yet unsatisfying outcomes, they often lead to a waste of time and a loss of creativity. It’s here that Psy-Amp steps in, not as just another tool but as a reminder that the human factor and instinctual decisions are what truly make the difference.



    Psy-Amp: Unleashing Sound Artistry

    Psy-Amp, a creative music production tool, is the ideal companion for producers and musicians who aspire to push sonic boundaries and craft their unique sound identity.

    Tailored Sound Manipulation: A Creative Powerhouse

    With its extensive features and customizable controls, Psy-Amp empowers you to manipulate sounds to an extraordinary extent. It’s a creative powerhouse that allows you to sculpt audio in ways limited only by your imagination.

    Crafting Your Sonic Signature: The Essence of Psy-Amp

    Furthermore, Psy-Amp serves as a canvas for you to express your sonic identity. It’s a versatile tool that encourages exploration and experimentation, enabling you to create music that truly represents your unique vision.


    Our philosophy for designing this plugin emerged from a fundamental question: What do we want the most? The answer is simple… We yearned for an analog hardware-sounding plugin that could seamlessly integrate into our D.A.W.

    Additionally, we aimed for a practical interface with straightforward settings, all carefully designed to ignite inspiration. This goal is achieved seamlessly thanks to its wheel system, which not only offers a unique mixing experience but also imparts a distinctive feel.

    Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, our ultimate aspiration is to transform this into a hardware amp one day. By doing so, we can merge ultimate sound quality with practical aesthetics, creating a truly unique musical tool.

    Real Artists Real Talks

    Windows System

    Windows 10 or later

    2GHz Pentium IV processor or equivalent

    A host that supports  64-bit VST 3 plugins

    Formats: VST3 / AU

    You may run this in earlier versions but we do not support them.

    macOS/M1 System

    macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later

    Intel or Apple Silicon  processors M1/2

    A host application that supports 64-bit VST3 or AudioUnit plugins

    Formats: AU, VST3

    You may run this in earlier versions but we do not support them.

     D.A.W Tested:

    Logic Pro

    FL Studio

    Cubase 10, 10.5.

    Presonus Studio One 4.


    Ableton Live 10.1 or later


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