Complete Psychedelic VST Bundle


The Collectors Plugin Bundle includes all Beastsamples VST3 Plugins and offers the perfect combination of FXs and VSTi. Equip your producer toolbox with

  • Beast-Dlay, a delay plugin with vast variety of user-adjustable controls that provides complete control over every shade of your delay without limiting your imagination.
  • BeastVerb, a reverb plugin ideally designed for Drums and Melodies packed with unique top-notch features
  • Psychedelic Guitars VSTi plugin that unlocks the full potential of guitar instrument through 3 different sound modes to combine & choose from plus multiple built-in FXs.
  • Psy Am – Vintage Amplifier plugin all in one solution amp with multi-effect chain 3 stages analog sound and heavy tubes.

Beastsamples’ plugins Key Features

  • Straightforward & Easy to use Interface
  • High-End Audio
  • Unique Algorithm
  • Available for Mac & Windows

Stay busy creating with the Psychedelic Suite.



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