Synth Melodies Bundle


Synthesizer loops from outer space picked one by one to make the ultimate collection consisting of:

Sci-fi Synth Pack

Rabbit Hole Synths

Riddle Synths

Hermetic Keys

Mastermind Melodies

Elements Pack

Psy Synths Loopkit

The analogue synth’s full potential unravelled and exploited within this bundle. Melodies carefully constructed to deliver trippy vibes and the triggering characteristic disturbance of the synthesizer. Analogue sounds based on 100% original ideas that emerged from endless experimenting and transformed into 310 synth melodies. Flawless melodies and inspiring synth pads ready to give you the spark to start creating your next hit project.

Synth Melodies Bundle is made for producers with no genre limits who want to take their compositions to the next level.



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