Space Guitars Pack

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Trippy guitar melodies with raw character ready to create with. A collection of psychedelic sounds adaptable in every genre, trap, drill, hip hop. Intense vibe that stays engraved in the mind and triggers the imagination. Raw electric guitar recordings in real environments and a tone of inspiration transformed into 23 song-starter loops.

• Labelled by Bpm
• Drag & Drop
• 8bar & 16bar+
• Compatible with any D.A.W.
• Mpc-Ready
• Wav. & Aiff. Format
• 100% Royalty-Free
• Instant Download

Every loop differentiates due to its unique character and style. The real deal is the power of the electric guitar recorded and processed in a way that its full potential gets captured in the loop. Sound played defying firm metronome tempo to deliver an out of industry’s standards experience. Its loop challenges producer’s skills and gives the crate digging pleasure.

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What you get and how you get it.
The pack is downloaded as a zipped file. The file contains 2 folders – 1 with the loops in wav. format + 1 with the loops in aiff. format. Guaranteed that every loop is compatible with your music production software (FL Studio, Ableton etc.), labelled based in the bpm and with drag & drop feature. After your checkout, you will be able to download the product immediately by clicking on the product name on the checkout page. Also, you will receive an e-mail that allows you to download the product by clicking on the product name. Please, be sure that you fill in all the required information correctly. If you encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail ( or via our live chat.

  • All the samples or loops are 100% Royalty-free.
  • You have publishing rights to release music made with our samples via streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc.)
  • Instant Download from your broswer.
  • You will receive an order e-mail and download links so you can always have access.
  • Unlock Exclusive Content with your first purchase.
  • Lifetime Value Experience via your Subscription.

1 review for Space Guitars Pack

  1. Heyzbeat

    Man your guitar samples are sick. Thit is the second time buying and definitely is value for money but I need more!!

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