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Psy-Amp is a Psychedelic Vintage Amplifier in the form of VST3 audio plugin made to be used as a creative music production tool by musicians and producers as well as audio engineers and sound-designers.

Psy-Amp was born from our need for processing analogue sound as original and realistic as possible. Its unique character and deep settings contribute to turn Psy-Amp into an innovative sound manipulator. The main idea behind Psy-Amp was to make a plugin that will satisfy all of our needs and at the same time will not be based on any model of the market. This approach generated a distinctive sound character and innovative ideas regarding the design and usage of Psy-Amp.

Psy-Amp’s multiple utilities and unique sound can make your decisions extremely creative and help you develop your own shapes and tones based on pure instinct. Its vintage nature and design will make your time more creative and productive compared to any AI tools out there.

In today’s world where latest technology AI tools offer a quick yet unsatisfying outcomes which results in waste of time and loss of creativity, Psy-Amp is coming to compete and remind you that the human factor and instinct decisions are the things that make the difference.


Technical Characteristics

Psy-Amp offers a unique signal chain that can be customized completely by the end-user. The signal chain starts from the input/sample and goes into an analogue mode tube that gives you the option to use it as a pre-amp or a post-amp. All the dynamics are coming first starting with a tube with deep settings for ultimate tone shaping and are followed by a chain of analogue fx’s such as Overdrive, Distortion, Wah-Wah, Pitch shifter, Flanger, Delay & Reverb. Each one of these FX’s offers different parameters so you can manipulate your input/sample to the fullest.

All the above can be used in different ways into Psy-Amp but as the possibilities are endless, we created 3 basic set-ups. These set-ups are:

  1. Mode1: Default (Clean)
  2. Mode2: Pre-Amp
  3. Mode3: Post-Gain (Post-Amp)

Also, Psy-Amp offers Cab-IR that can work parallel to all the settings and modes of Psy-Amp. Cab-IR can be used as a secondary tone shaper of your signal or simulate a different mic response of the Amp. A Noise-Gate is added as a silencer with the adjustable Threshold.

Despite that there are a lot of settings and options, Psy-Amp has a straightforward interface with an easy-to-use wheel system so that you can process signal into the desired outcome without complex or AI interfaces but with a strong realistic feeling to work with.

System Requirements on Windows:
Windows 10 or later
2GHz Pentium IV processor or equivalent
A host that supports 64-bit VST 3 plugins
Formats: VST3 / AU
System Requirements on MacOS:
macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later
Intel or Apple Silicon M1 processor
A host application that supports 64-bit VST3 or AudioUnit plugins
Formats: AU, VST3
Tested for Windows/Mac
 D.A.W Tested:
Logic Pro
FL Studio
Cubase 10, 10.5.
Presonus Studio One 4.
Ableton Live 10.1 or later
How to install:
After your order is completed, you will be able to download your files according to your system “Psychedelic Guitars” For Mac/Win directly from your browser. Also, you will receive an order e-mail that never expires and you can download your files from there as well.
Windows: Download PsychedelicGuitars.exe (ignore any permission requirements*) follow the instructions and install. As our software plug-in is the latest technology (VST3) it is required to install your file to this destination. C:/ProgramFiles/CommonFiles/VST3 . Make sure your D.A.W  supports VST3 and you have the right path that is required.
NOTE* Windows 10 users may experience windows permissions issues along with the .exe file. This may occur because we are new in software development and our products need to gain some reputation in order for the Windows to confirm us (It is just how Windows works). Just ignore the notice and install. Also, feel free to scan your files, you will find out everything is clean and ready!
Mac Users: Just download your PsychedelicGuitars.pkg, follow instructions and install. Usually all the plug-ins VST/AU are located in Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components or /VST3
Install and Enjoy!
If you need any help, feel free to contact our awarded customer support via our e-mail or via our Live Chat, and we will do our best to assist you!

5 reviews for PSY-AMP Vintage Amplifier

  1. Terry M.

    I was looking exactly this💯

  2. Neil B

    As a “Child of the 60s” PSY AMP is a wonderful new tool for my music production. The presets with the plug-in are tremendous and the opportunities to create my own sounds are, if anything, overwhelming. A video tutorial on how to best produce new sounds from the vast array of options would be a real plus. Beastsamples are already a fave.

  3. Stanislav Michal

    PSY-AMP is perfect new product.

  4. Jesse V

    This Thing Slaps!

  5. Zairy

    Amazing PSY-AMP, It has a unique design and effects. I really think this is a great tool to enrich my best projects.

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