PHANTASIA-Collectible Edition


Phantasia: “a highly elaborate imaginative design or creation

The Phantasia Project has finally come to light. A Collectible Edition sample pack that describes our perception of sound and space. Phantasia includes a broad spectrum of instrumental loops labelled by key and bpm each one of them with a different touch.

Powerful Electric Guitars loops that capture our insight on the creation process. All these guitar melodies are made with sole purpose to express and stimulate imaginative work flow.

Solid Bass sound to provide a steady base to build your project on. The subtle way that these basses are written adds the nuance that will make every composition differs.

Trippy Synth loops that have emerged solely from pure imagination. These synths create an otherworldly vibe and boost your tendency to think out of the box.

Intimate Brass Melodies built to add depth and prestige. These iconic Brass instruments are perfect for mastering atmospheric and vigorous projects.

Phantasia Collectible Edition includes 5 instrument-based folders. Each folder consists of approximately 30-45 loops and in total you get 169 loops.

  • Labelled by Bpm
  • Labelled by Key
  • Drag & Drop
  • Compatible with any D.A.W.
  • Mpc-Ready
  • Wav. & Aiff. Format
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • Instant Download


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