Mastermind Melodies Pack

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36 inspiring samples and 19 bonus melodies , sub-bass and ARP loops, ready to give spark. Samples with majestic vibes and distinctive feeling equally adequate for projects of all music genres. In the MasterMind collection we have captured tension and hype originated from analogue gear and moments of pure inspiration.  Along with the “Mastermind Melody Pack” you get a bonus pack that contains Signature Sub Bass one shots, Acoustic Guitar Loops and Arpegiator Melodies in various BPM and styles.

  • 36 &19 melody loops
  • Labelled by Bpm
  • Drag & Drop
  • 8bar & 16bar+
  • Compatible with any D.A.W.
  • Mpc-Ready
  • Wav. & Aiff. Format
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • Instant Download

Melody Loops – Mastermind Melodies

Mastermind Melodies is the number one destination for premium quality melody and samples. Our synth melody loops and samples are perfect for MPC, chopping samples, and sampling.

Our library is meticulously labeled by BPM to ensure easy navigation and fast workflow. We also offer analog gear for those who want the true sound of classic machines. With Mastermind Melvinodies, you’ll have everything you need to create sick beats that will blow minds

Mastermind Melodies has the perfect loops and samples for creating melodies. Whether you’re working in an analog studio or using software, our loops and samples are labeled by bpm for easy chopping and Mpc sequencing. We also carry synth melody  and analog gear for the ultimate creative flexibility.

Mastermind Melodies Loop and Sample shop is your one stop for finding high quality, royalty free melody loops and samples. We carry synth melodies, analog gear labeled by BPM, perfect for MPC, chop samples and more. Our aim is to help you create the best possible music with ease and style.

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A melody is a short phrase of music that is repeated over and over. Melody loops can be created with any type of instrument, but they are most commonly associated with electronic music. Melody loops are often used in film and television productions, as they can create a feeling of suspense or excitement.


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