Radiant Guitars

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Radiant Guitars

A creative collection of 96 electric guitar loops with distinctive style and fierce energy. Raw guitar Melodies, Rhythms and Riffs suitable for all vibes and genres. Among those key labelled loops you will find ready to use key labelled song starter samples created from the combination of the above plus some guitar hooks, bridges and leaks for extra pleasure.

  • 66 dry stems, 24 combined song-starter loops & extra sounds
  • Labelled by Key
  • Labelled by Bpm
  • Drag & Drop
  • Compatible with any D.A.W.
  • Mpc-Ready
  • Wav. & Aiff. Format
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • Instant Download

Melodic guitar loops are a type of loop that is made up of guitar samples. These loops are created by recording the sound of a single guitar and then repeating it over and over again. They are typically used in music production to add texture and depth to a song.

First of all Melodic guitar loops can be found in many genres including rock, pop, country, folk, and more. In addition The length of these loops usually will range from 8-16 bars long which is enough to fill up the space in between verses or choruses in a song.

Secondly you can add a fresh and original edge to your tracks with Radiant guitar pack. You’ll be able to find your favourite sound in this collection of 96 electric guitar loops with distinctive style and fierce energy. You will have from raw guitar melodies, to rhythms and riffs, this pack has it all! With key labelled loops you will be able to create your own songs quickly and easily!

You’re a composer and musician?

You’re looking for the perfect tool to create and enhance your compositions?Above all , we have what you need. With our compiled guitar pack, you will find over 100 different loops in various styles to fulfill your needs. Our loops are raw, energetic, and ready to be used in any musical project. Check them out!

Do you have what it takes to create a classic style of music or maybe an especially experimental style? These immortal heavy guitar loops are firm transitions that will make you sound like a musical genius.

Guitar Sample Packs

In conclusion

Hitting all the right notes, this electric guitar pack is sure to bring your productions significantly to a higher level. Be electric, be epic, be radiant.

1 review for Radiant Guitars

  1. Oliver Green

    Been waiting a long time for these guitars. Exactly what I was looking for 🙌

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