Liquid Guitars


Liquid Guitars Description

top-notch Electric Guitars Samples Collection made of 93 distinguished inspiring loops. Including Dry and Wet guitar samples, Liquid Guitars is created to be a part of your next project. Creativity oriented, exploiting the true nature of the guitar, offering versatility among all genres and unlimited combinations based on key and bpm, Liquid Guitars is an advanced level sample pack.

From fierce to psychedelic, from fast rhythm to slow melodies and everything in between, you will definitely find your next song starter loop.

Out of industries standards and by listening to your needs, in this pack we deliver our most evolved and inspiring sounds so far.

+ Including 10 examples of combined liquid loops to get you started fast.

  • Labelled by BPM
  • Labelled by Key
  • Drag & Drop
  • MPC- Ready

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