Trippy Synths – BETA


Free synth samples Trippy Synths is an essential addition to your library consisting of 14 analog synth melody loops. Unleash the powerful essence of the analog synth in each carefully crafted loop and cut, designed to infuse your compositions with dynamic energy and intense vibes. Discover flawless melodies, along with inspiring synth bass, arpeggiators samples, and melodies that will ignite the creative spark for your next hit project. Each sample is born from original ideas and unbridled inspiration, breaking free from genre constraints to allow you the freedom to express yourself limitlessly.

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  • Labelled by Bpm
  • Drag & Drop
  • 8bar & 16bar+
  • Compatible with any D.A.W.
  • Mpc-Ready
  • Wav. & Aiff. Format
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • Instant Download

In the making
Analogue synthesizer based, infinite experimenting hours and careful processing, the signal is brought to you without losing its raw character. First, get the vibe- then, capture the signal. Find the right melody and make it loop! Test it, create something original with it. Make sure you love it. Done? Guarantee the ease of use- errors ruin the vibe, right?

  • All the samples or loops are 100% Royalty-free.
  • You have publishing rights to release music made with our samples via streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc.)
  • Instant Download from your broswer.
  • You will receive an order e-mail and download links so you can always have access.
  • Unlock Exclusive Content with your first purchase.
  • Lifetime Value Experience via your Subscription.


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