We produce original synthesis sample packs that exceed the limits of a simple tool. 

We make creative tools in the form of FX VST plugins with High-end audio, unique aesthetics & with the know-how of producer’s needs. 

We work with top-notch artists and bring to you the next Cover Artwork for you album.

We have a vision and that is to make through this journey really strong relationships with new age producers and level up the whole industry.

Who are we..

Beastsamples began in Greece on March of 2021 from a small team of music producers and friends as an attempt to express and share with the world their point of view regarding the music industry. Through Beastsamples we aim to deliver our version of creativity, ingenuity and inspiring aesthetics to the producers that feel the way we do. At first, we started out as a sample pack company and thanks to your support and acceptance we managed to expand. Our next step was to find solid partners to provide us with inspiring artworks so we can have you covered from the first sound to the cover of your album. Now, we are growing even more and entering a new level we couldn’t imagine reaching so soon, our Audio Software era. We started making FX VST Plugins, creative tools that will allow us to be a part of almost all production process stages. We know that are much more things a producer needs but we aim to come as closer as possible to be the ones you think of when it comes to start a new project. 


Beastsamples provides you with inspiring sample packs for unlimited choppin. Out of this world original crafted loops and samples splitted in 8bar & 16bar+ (.wavs).

Recording with real instruments in real environments. The key element is to keep a balance between standards and creativity.

Exclusive Benefits

Along with your first buy you get bonus content.