Sample Pack Section
Are the Samples Royalty-Free?

Yes, all the samples or loops are 100% Royalty-free.

Do I have publishing rights to release music made with your sample packs?

You have publishing rights to release music made with our samples via streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc.)

Can I register/sell with any label or company with your samples?

Of course you can but you are not allowed to resell or replicate the exact same loops or samples. You need to add your elements or edit in any form.

How to open .zip files on Mac / Windows?

In order to open .zip files please consider downloading 7-zip (Windows) and the Unarchiver (MacsOS) softwares for free.

VST Plugin Section
For which D.A.W. the plugins have been tested?
  • Logic Pro
  • FL Studio
  • Cubase 10, 10.5.
  • Presonus Studio One 4.
  • Reaper.
  • Ableton Live 10.
For Windows

Tested for Windows

  • Windows 10 or later
  • 2GHz Pentium IV processor or equivalent
  • A host that supports  64-bit VST 3 plugins
  • Formats: VST3 / AU
For macOS/M1

Tested for Mac

  • macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later
  •  Intel or Apple Silicon M1 processor
  • A host application that supports 64-bit VST3 or AudioUnit plugins
  • Formats: AU, VST3


What do I get?
.exe file for Windows 
.pkg for Mac OS
and follow the instructions. 
Please, contact us if you face any difficulties (support@beastsamples.com)

Who are we?

We are Beastsamples, a team of music producers and audio engineers with a love for original instrumental sounds and creative tools .To learn more about our work, you can visit the About us page.

What can you buy from us?

We sell digital products as zipped files of audio ‘samples’, .exe & .pkg files of VST plugins for music production & .jpeg, .png, & .psd files of cover artworks. A sample pack contains a number of sounds compatible with your music production software (FL Studio, Ableton etc.).


How will you download the product after purchasing?

After your checkout, you will be able to download the product immediately by clicking on the product name on the checkout page. Also,
you will receive an e-mail that allows you to download the product by clicking on the product name. Please, be sure that you fill in all the required information correctly. Regarding the samples pack files y
ou will then need to extract the file. Use WinRAR/Winzip if necessary or your built-in decompressor. If you encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail (support@beastsamples.com) or via our live chat.


Will these samples work with my software?

Our samples are provided in wav. + aiff.  format
– which are suitable for almost all major software/keyboards/workstations.

Will I be able to sell my beats using Beastsamples Sample Packs?

Yes, you can sell your beats but you are responsible to contact us in case of Major Release. Read more details about Major Releases
in Terms & Conditions.


Will I be able to use the Cover Artwork however I want?

You can use the piece for any purpose you desire meaning Commercial Use, Album Cover, Digital Art and for all major placements. 

Are the Cover Artworks exclusive? Every piece is exclusive which means it can be sold only one time. Once you complete your purchase you have the exclusive rights of the piece. Also after a piece is sold, dissapears from the store.

Why to choose our samples?

We offer:

  • Unique loops ready to make your production stand out
  • Triggering sounds to create on
  • Real instrument recordings in real environments because we value the power of analogue raw sound
  • Quality above quantity so no sample goes to waste
  • Exclusive content to those who trust us
  • Aesthetics and style in every sample we make
  • Sounds that are worth listening 

Why to choose our plugins?

  • Made from professionals that know your needs and are not just software engineers. Every user-adjustable control in our plugins has been meticulously tested and placed in the right spot so it contributes the maximun to your productions.
  • The High-End Audio guarantees a qualitative result that will not fail you
  • The High Precision interface with our signature style aims to accelerate your production process and boost your imagination. For us the right aesthetics are a corner stone to every art project.
  • We know the risks and we are here to assist

Sample Pack License Agreement
The sound files of the sample packs (‘’Sounds’’) remain the property of its manufacturer
(“Licensor”) and are licensed to you as the original end-user (“Licensee”), for use subject to
the provisions below. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved exclusively by
The sound files in a category of ‘Sample Pack’:
a. The Licensee may modify the Sounds and may use them for commercial purposes as part
of a musical composition with other sounds.
b. The Licensee may use the Sounds in combination with other sounds in music
productions (which include soundtracks of such as films, video productions, radio/TV
programs or commercials, computer games and multimedia presentations, library
music), public performances, and other reasonable musical purposes within musical
c. The Licensee MAY NOT use the Sounds in isolation as sound effects (i.e. a sequence of
musical events) or within any competitive products that are sold or relicensed to
multiple third parties. In these scenarios the Licensee must arrange an extension with
Beastsamples Inc.
d. A right to use the sounds is granted only to the Licensee and is NOT transferable. This
license expressly forbids resale, relicensing or other distribution of the Sounds, either as
they exist or any modification thereof. You cannot sell, loan, rent, lease, assign, upload
to or download from any server, or transfer all or any of the enclosed sounds to another
user, or for use in any competitive product.
e. Licensor will not be responsible if the sounds does not fit the particular purpose of the

VST Plugin End User License Agreement (EULA)

Terms of Use-

Object of the agreement

The object of this agreement is the Beastsamples Software. Beastsamples.com

is the holder of all copyrights, rights of ownership, and other rights concerning the

Software. By downloading, using, installing, purchasing or copying the Software,

you (the “User”) confirm to have taken notice of all clauses of this agreement and

that you acknowledge acceptance of all terms of this agreement.


Without written confirmation of Beastsamples.com, the User has no permission to

sell, license, give-away and/or distribute the Software, or parts of it in any way, on

any medium, including the Internet, to any other person, including sub-licensors.

This includes re-working the specification, or reverse-engineering any products

based upon this specification. The User may not purchase, use, or access the

Software or the Site for the purpose of building a competitive product or service

for any other competitive purposes.

Perpetual license

A perpetual license agreement grants the designated Licensee a non-exclusive

license during the term of the agreement solely for the processing of audio within

an audio editor, mobile application or digital audio workstation. Unless explicitly

stated otherwise, all Beastsamples licenses are single-user licenses. A license

can only be used by the designated Licensee and on his/hers personal


Liability for consequential damages

Beastsamples.com will not be liable for any consequential, special, incidental,

direct or indirect damages of any kind, including the loss of data, damage of data-

storage-devices, or any loss or damage to other programs being used, arising out

of the use of the Site or Software, including any future up-dates.

Product warranty

Beastsamples.com provides the Software on an ‘AS IS’ basis. Beastsamples.com

makes no warranties, express or implied, including without limitation the implied

warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, regarding the

Software or Site or operation and use in combination with the User’s program. In

no event shall Beastsamples.com be liable for incidental or consequential

damages arising from the use, or distribution of the Software or Site, whether

theory of contract, product liability or otherwise. Beastsamples.com may release

improved versions of the Software but offers no commitment whatsoever that

such releases will occur at any time or for anybody. Beastsamples.com is not

liable and makes no warranties for software updates introduced by third parties,

such as vendors of plugin hosts, digital audio workstation software, computer

operating systems, and alike.

Term of the agreement

Perpetual license agreements shall in principle run for an unlimited period. If the

Licensee is in breach of any of its obligations set out in this agreement,

Beastsamples.com shall be entitled to terminate this agreement immediately and

inform the Licensee about it. In such a case, this license and all the rights granted

to the Licensee herein shall immediately cease.


Since all our products are digital Beastsamples.com does not offer any refunds.

Changes to the end-user license agreement

Beastsamples.com has the discretion to update the end-user license agreement

at any time. Users acknowledge and agree that it is their responsibility to review

the terms of this agreement periodically and become aware of modifications.



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