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Request custom recordings for your tracks.

Real Instruments - Real Artists - True Inspiration

We like to keep things simple.
 After your submission, we will review your track & verify if it is eligible to record the desired parts.

[This will take less than 24 Hours]

Then, we will inform you for the next steps. The whole process will last less than 3 days and with your order you unlock 3 revisions.

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Improve your music production from home beats to release-ready professional tracks.


With this new service, we offer custom recordings of real instruments like guitar colors, synth melodies and bass grooves from real musicians and studio time.

-How it works?

After knowing what kind of melody or add-on you need for your track to maximize its potential, fill the form accurately, pick the instrument that you want us to record for you and we do the rest.

-What you get?

-You keep all Royalties after order.

-Demo version as a reference to your engineer.

-Stems (actual recordings)

-Improvement Tips

-Preview Track

-Project info

-What you need to do?


Choose the track you want to improve, let us know exactly what you have in mind for this track as detailed as possible, and we will do the rest.

Price Range: $100-$250

The range is optimized based on each case.

If your track is accepted, we will inform you about the costs.

You get a preview before the final order and unlock 3 revisions if needed.

Latest Customer Requests

Customer submited the track and asked us to do our magic without requirements.
-We leave the intro as it is
-Added back lead guitars to the verses
-Added back guitar melody to the verse as well
-Added guitar solo to the hook
-Added electric guitar groove to the entire track
-Mixed the sound for mastering
Customer submited this track and asked us to replace the current acoustic guitars with some variations and add extra guitar only melodies.
-Added similar guitar melodies to the original but made with real guitars
-Added some variations and riffs
-Added some background guitars with distortion to fit the brass elements

You get exclusive license and you have full rights of all recordings of your order. 


Top notch instrument recordings according to your needs.



Instant Download to your hardware with your order. You can download it instantly from the browser and you will receive an e-mail with a download link that never expires.



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