Our First Plug-in is out now! We Present to you the “Beastverb”. Available now for Windows and Mac (VST3/AU). Read Below and find everything you need to know!

Discover the power of the Beast… Feel free to explore our brand-new plug-in


*Update The Beastverb is now available for M1 mac!

Key Features

-Drive : Inspired by the Analogue modeling overdrive engineering with percentage (%) amount from 0-100 that engages the space with the right touch to fine your sound shape and fit it into the mix.

-Filter : Cutoff Filter on the full spectrum (20-20KHz) based on a lowpass behavior contributes to maximum creativity through live recording & mixing.

– F button : An ambient freeze function allows you to grab any section of your active reverb tail in real time and add continuous sustain. Frozen reverbs can be ideal for further processing since they are very predictable as their level does not change over time.

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High-end Audio

Ideal For Audio

High Precision Interface

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What You Get?

A high-end, high efficiency audio FX plugin with low-cpu usage. The Beastverb, ideally designed for Drums and Melodies, is also packed with unique features that will fit in your mixes. The only thing you have to bring is creativity. No more weird chains or additional effects. Beastverb’s simplicity comes in handy even in the most complex inspiration process.


The Mechanics of Beastverb custom designed to give you the key features so you will not need any additional complex effect chains to your channel.

The “Size” , “Damp” , “Width” are the only tools your are gonna need to manipulate your Room space according to your needs.

The “Drive” happens before the Reverb so you get a slight touch of fatness to your input, this is the key element that makes the Beastverb ideal for Audio mixing & Audio Recording and a unique Reverb plug-in for your workflow.

The “Cutoff” is based on the idea of sound shaping, you have the full spectrum enabled by default and you can engage it to manipulate your sound after the reverb to make unique textures and feels.

The “Freeze” An ambient freeze function allows you to grab any section of your active reverb tail in real time and add continuous sustain. This is ideal for further processing and creative experiment.

Beastverb For Windows

Requires the latest D.A.W updates that Supports VST3 technology. Some of the major are

FL Studio

Cubase 10, 10.5.

Presonus Studio One 4.

Bitwig 3.

Reaper 6.

Ableton Live 10.

Beastverb For Mac

Works for any D.A.W by Apple related.


Logic Pro



Ableton Live


Plugin Formats



AAX Version will be released in future updates.

'Dig into the Myth'

Operating Systems

Windows 10 or later

macOS X 10.14 or later

64bit only

You may run it on earlier versions but we don’t support them.

NOTE* : Windows users may experience windows permisions issues along with the .exe file. This may occur because we are new in software development and our products need to gain some reputation in order for the Windows to confirm us. Just ignore the notice and install. Also, feel free to scan your files, you will find out everything is clean and ready!



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