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We are Beastsamples, a small audio software and production company based in Greece since March of 2021. We always felt that we have something special regarding sound and music and had the need to express and share it to the world. So, we created Beastsamples with core mission to offer music producers around the world special tools and instruments to develop their creativity and express themselves to evolve.

In 2021 we started with the 1st release of Psychedelic Guitars Sample Pack and after we got a positive response, we continued until we made the 1st Collection that represents exactly our aesthetics and what we offer. After hearing the needs of our customers, we decided to take a risk and enter the audio development field and that led us to create extra ordinary audio plugins which we felt we needed for ourselves. Since there was nothing similar on the market, we forced ourselves to develop them.

To the people who trust us for our distinctive aesthetic and professionalism on sound, we are committed to keeping a balance between our core values and customer’s needs. We give quality a space and we make out-of-space creative tools for musicians and producers. 

It’s worth to notice that  we have a strong customer lifetime value and that means that we are open to anyone who needs our support through our 24/7 support team.


Aggelos Chiotis

Founder & Creator

‘My desire to create Beastsamples derived from my need to turn what I lived most to my life’s work. Music was always a big part of my life for as long as I can remember and always believed that there are people out there that will appreciate this moments of inspiration like all of you do.

Nefeli Vyrini

Senior Manager 

Beastsamples was a challenge for me as I was not qualified in music. My skills on management found a nice place to master on Beastsamples. Making sure that everything is in place so our customers are satisfied when it comes to value and the whole experience.


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